Plans available

Plan Space Connection Traffic Monthly Price
Baby Box 130 130 GB 100 mbit Unlimited €12.00 Order
Baby Box 260 260 GB 100 mbit Unlimited €18.00 Order
Baby Box 360 360 GB 100 mbit Unlimited €22.00 Order
Turbo Box 275 275 GB 200 mbit Unlimited €25.00 Order
Turbo Box 375 375 GB 200 mbit Unlimited €31.00 Order
Turbo Box 475 475 GB 200 mbit Unlimited €36.00 Order
Turbo Box 575 575 GB 200 mbit Unlimited €40.00 Order

What you get

What you get
Fast Setup All slices are setup within 1 minute of being paid for.
Flexibility Need more space? No problem, you can instantly upgrade to a larger plan when you run out.
Software Manager Hassle-free software installations, with an ever-growing library. We currently provide Deluge, a feature-filled torrent client, along with our own improved edition of Zeya, allowing you to listen to audio in your browser. Transmission is also available.
Monthly Contract Pay for your slice on a month to month basis, no obligations, no hassles.
Support Need a hand getting used to your slice? No problem, our extensive Wiki will have you on your feet in no time!
Still need a hand? Our ticket system allows you to easily request help from the community (and our support team).
No Hidden Fees The price you see above is all you'll pay, period. No hidden fees, no bandwidth overages
Control Panel We provide our own in-house, all-encompassing control panel. Manage your slice, install and control software, browse our Wiki or make use of our ticket system.
No Overselling We were founded after being fed up with existing overpriced, underperforming providers - the last thing we're going to do is put you on an oversold server! We guarantee you will always be able to use both the disk space and bandwidth we advertise - and have adequate CPU and memory available to do so!
Automation Instant slice creation, software installation, and plan changes. Why wait when you don't have to?
Best of all, this frees our support team up to focus on you, not dull repetitive tasks.
Still not convinced? Have a look at our pre-signup wiki. We cover some of the more technical aspects of our setup in here. You are also welcome to signup and open a ticket, if you have any specific queries for us!